Green Leaders of Puerto Varas.

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We are really proud of our new badge / status on tripadvisor, gaining eco-friendly certification.

eco-friendly cabins

Here at Bordemundo we aren't afraid to get down and dirty! Its more of a ritual than actually making a once off effort, staying green is the motto. We love our environment and enjoy all the riches the South of Chile has to offer, and we try our best to keep it green and natural as possible without our mark on it.

We have our very own veggie garden where we grow greens (not all year round just yet). We separate your trash and make the trip to the very difficult to find recycling compound in Puerto Montt, every month for the stuff we can't recycle ourselves in our compost heaps. We have recently become a green spot for recicling, wth our own special recicling bins. One of our next projects hopefully this year will be an aquaponics system (symbiotic fish and plant relationship), to increase the period and number of vegetables we can produce. Dont forget Javie's favorite little feathered friends, her chickens they give us fresh eggs every morning for you delicious breakfasts! Then we also source as much local products as we can, milk, meat and veggies from local farmers and only use the super markets as a fallback. We clean the cabins with natural cleaning products trying as best to use harsh chemicals as sparsely as possible.


chicks veggies sheep we use their wool for tapestries Natural honey Bee's Cow local farmstead


Our light bulbs are almost all leds, a few more to go, we still unfortunately take all our energy from the grid but soon hope to have some wind/solar generation in our back yard. We have our own deep water well, did you know Southern Chile has some of the cleanest water in the world? We don't take water from the lake. We also have a special filtering sistem for water resdidue, we don't discharge anything to the lake. Sometimes though in high season we do get the odd campers that love to leave their trash on the beaches, so we kindly collect all we can through the summer months. Keeping our beach clean and enjoyable for all.

There is one thing though that we think Chile (Puerto Varas municipality as well) could do better and that is to school people about recycling and invest in more centers and plants to convert its trash. Ever other day I turn the news on and see some of the landfills that are plaguing Santiago, it has been quite difficult here just to find places that take recycling. Making it more accessible to the public and teaching them the benefits of doing so can only help save our resources here in Chile. Yes we are very fortunate to have them but they are finite!

replanting natural trees

We have also been trying to keep as much of the natural trees on our land and reintroduce more native tree back onto it, though it can be challenging with the sheep.

And we love our animals here, im sure you have heard about the erruption of volcano Calbuco. Since it has long faded from the news head lines we still go every week taking food to the animals that need it! Relocate abandoned and desperate animals, we have even bolstered our flock of chickens with more hens from Ensenada we purchased releaving the farmer of the birds they could not feed.

helping animals in need ensenada

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