Tours and Activities in Puerto Varas

Volcano Osorno

Volcano Osorno

Ride up it’s windng road for the best 360 degrees view of the Cordillera de los Andes, and the whole Llanquihue Lake. You can take the ski lift for an even better view, or just walk around the base camp and have a snack at the restaurant, in winter it offers great ski slopes.

Volcano Calbuco

Volcano Calbuco

Trek up to the top of Calbuco through the forest of Reserva Nacional Llanquehue accesible by Chamiza (Puerto Montt).



Visit the old fish market in the Neighbour port of Puerto Montt. you can find fresh fish, organic vegetables, homemade cheese and sausages, wood and wool handcrafted souvenirs, and have lunch at the traditional “Palafitos” at the end of the fish market.



Small town at the feet of volcanoes Osorno and Calbuco, you can have a rest there to refuel, have a meal or just walk around at the beach. Once lush, now covered in ashes. Don’t forget to stop there for a minute and admire nature’s power. You will be also helping the locals to reconstruct it.


desolacion treking

There are two trekking routes here leading up to the Osorno, one called Solitario (6 km, easy) and one called Desolación (10 km, medium difficulty). Here you can find the breathtaking waterfalls as well.

Lago Todos los Santos

lago todos los santos

Part of the Vicente Perez Rosales Park It is known by it’s emerald coloured waters, you can take a boat trip around the islands, or a day trip to Peulla, the views of the Osorno are just amazing.



Take a day boat trip to Peulla and experience most terrific panoramas on the voyage to Bariloche (Argentina) through water beneath the shadows of the volcanoes Calbuco, Osorno, Caulle, Puntiagudo and Tronador. Just let us know if we can get your trip booked before hand.

Puerto Montt

puerto montt

Puerto Montt it’s full of colours, where you can still find the feeling of bohemian old ports. There is also a big mall with a diversity of shops and a cinema, good day trip for rainy days. If your lucky, you will get to see along the seaside a “Tonina” a magic Chilean Dolfin and don't miss the views of the bay. If you find your self here in the evening we highly recommend having barbecue dinner at Cotelé.



Beautiful village surrounded by magnificent Ulmo trees, you will recognise them by it’s white flowers, which makes the best honey in Chile. There are also rustic natural therms accessible only by a boat.



A beautiful little town, there are amazing mountains enjoyed by climbers, you can also trek or horseback ride up to la Junta at the border with Argentina (overnight trip). The first stop on the Carretera Austral, here you feel like being lost at the end of the world.



Beautiful river famous for it’s remarkable fly fishing, follow the road towards Puerto Montt for a dramatic landscape drive under the limestone mountains, take the transfer to Puerto Montt for the Carretera Austral experience.

Saltos del Petrohué

saltos del petrohue

Impresive waterfalls, you get to walk through the river. It has terrific views of volcano Osorno. Rafting and boat trips are great option for adrenaline lovers.

Parque Alerce Andino

alerce andino

Walk around an ancient forest, you can find Alerce trees up to 4000 years old here. Vist Parque Alerce Andino website.

Carretera Austral

carretera austral

The ultimate Patagonian adventure, drive through wild roads to find glaciers, rivers, forests, waterfalls, lakes, volcanoes, even Gauchos (Patagonian Cowboys)! We recommend at minimum 2 weeks for this trip though the distances are short the roads are adventurous. Read more about Carretera Austral.



The area from Puerto Montt to Caleta la Arena, where you cross to Puelo or Hornopirén a Carretera Austral Town it has beautiful winding roads, views of the Pacific and nice beaches too.



Mystic beautiful island, only an hour and a half drive from our gate, ferry transfers run all day & night every 15 min. Discover it’s unique magic, it’s breathtaking landscapes, architecture, wooden churches, tasty seafood, Spanish fortresses, Huilliche Culture and don't forget the Penguins colonies near Ancud.



Beautiful city home of the remarkable theatre “del Lago”. Discover it’s “Onces alemanas”, typical German style tea time, you won’t regret it!


Puerto Varas is a calm and cosy town in Patagonia best known for its pastry shops and cafés, it’s rose gardens and Alerce tile buildings. German immigrants have shaped it since the late 19th century. Consequently sweets, "kuchen", chocolates, jam and artisanal beer are to be found in great variety. Make sure you don't miss Murtilla, a delicious berry only to be found in Southern Chile. The cuisine is surprisingly diverse here. Whether it is the finest seafood being served or Chilean home-style cooking specialties or traditional "Asados al palo" Chilean lamb barbecues.

Puerto Varas is situated on Llanquihue Lake 70 mt above sea level and due to the rain nature's colours are intense green and sky's are a vivid blue. Characteristic weather features include hot summer days with chilly nights, winter has its high-wind days with a decent amount of rain. The average temperature range in winter is 10 ºC to -5 ºC and in summer 30 ºC to 18 ºC. We recommend you bring a jacket and waterproof shoes whenever you plan to visit us.

Some of the activities you can enjoy here are:

  • Fly Fishing along Ralún, Puelo and Petrohué
  • Tour around the lake of Llanquihue, stop off at Frutillar, Port Octay and try to find hidden Puerto Fonk
  • Tree canopy in Ensenada Canopy Chile is the most reputable
  • Drive to top of volcano Osorno spectacular views
  • Kayak and rafting in Petrohué
  • Trekking in Petrohué there are two different paths
  • Visit the penguin colony at Chiloé
  • We have one of the longest bicycles lanes in the world
  • Motorbike excursions along Carretera Austral
  • Skiing and snowboarding on Volcano Osorno
  • Lake crossing to Bariloche Argentina
  • Horseback riding around Ensenda
  • Stop off at Museo Pablo Fierro
  • There are a few clubs in town for some night life
  • Have a Coffee at Mawen or la Gringa
  • Cultural activities are constantly being organised in the town square. There is also a modern Casino
  • Our cuisine is diverse and delicious some recommended restaurants are:
    - La Marca (traditional Chilean food)
    - Bravo Cabrera (pub)
    - La Gordito (seafood)
    - Las Buenas Brasas (grill and seafood)

We can organise you a personalised private tour at very good rates, or help you rent a car to explore it on your own.

We will gladly answer all your questions.