7 reasons to visit Chile!

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  • Easter island stars

  • Atacama desert lama

  • General carrera lake

  • Patagonia glacier

  • Torres del paine national park

  • Valparaiso a great reasons to visit Chile

If you ever needed to have a reason to visit Chile here are some of the best ones we could think of here at Bordemundo. There are very few places in the world as diverse, landscapes and people that exist as in Chile, we hope to find you here shortly.

Ruta Austral

The most vibrant and exhilarating road in South America, its roads right through the heart of Patagonia. Home to monumental volcanoes, forest, glaciers and surrounding glacial lakes. If you are lucky you can witness an iceberg calving to form another smaller iceberg in the icy water! The road initially built by the dictatorship provides one of the few ways to access its remote and untouched South. Deep in its heart lies General Carrera Lake the most dramatic vibrant blue body of water I have ever witnessed. For those adventurous petrol heads its also home to some breath taking roads the ominously named Devil's Throat winding its way around the edge of the lake, it providing some sensational views of the lake!

Puerto Varas

A base for all your attraction needs, based on a beautiful lake overlooked by three giant volcanoes. At the start of Patagonia, it's close enough to the island of Chiloé to visit for the day and see the whales penguins. With a huge variaty of activites, and vistas like the Petrohue walter falls. Puerto Varas is definitly a great place to get lost in Chile.

Easter Island

The Easter Islands are famous for the 887 ancient monolithic statues "moai" spread throughout the island. Archaeologists still have not found a conclusive reason why and how these colossal statues were erected and that question continues to attract travellers the world over. Apart from the 900 years old moai, above the land some breathtaking diving awaits with more moai below the sea surface.4) Parque Nacional Torres del Paine - uno de los monumentos más conocidos de la Patagonia, es un paraíso para el senderismo. Son tres torres de granito son una fiesta para los ojos. El hogar de algunas muy vivas selvas, glaciares, lagos y montañas. No hay que olvidar el campamento y equipo de senderismo si vas a visitarlas, y no se deje engañar, el ozono es extremadamente delgado por aquí así que empaca el protector solar! Y hazte un favor esto no es algo para ser disfrutado desde el asiento detrás de su volante, debes salir a la naturaleza.


The Atacama Desert

The world's most extreme desert home to the "atacameños" people who traditionally populate the area with some wonderful traditions. If you are lucky enough to visit around harvest time you are in for a treat! The landscapes are simply put out of this world. Top attractions are the moon valley, geysers, salt lake and altiplanic lagoons are not to be missed.

Torres del Paine National Park

One of the best known landmarks in Patagonia, it’s a haven for hiking. It's three granite towers that sit in it center, play host to a feast for your eyes. Home to some extremely vivid temperate rainforests, glaciers, lakes and mountains. You should not forget your camping and hiking gear if you plan to visit, and don't be fooled the ozone is extremely thin around here so pack that sun screen! And do yourself a favour this is not something to be enjoyed from the seat behind your steering wheel get out into the wilderness.

Skiing in the Andes 

International ski teams are known to train in Chile, its fortunate enough to have the Andes run its length and is perfect for winter sports. Not just for the world class skiers though, tourists love to take a once in a lifetime chance to ski down a volcano to which Chile is home to many! For example the ski center on volcano Osorno has its very own ski center accessible by car half way up its flanks. Santiago is also ideally located and has many tours daily that run up into the Andes, it's a great activity to those "stuck" in Santiago.


The brightly coloured bohemian port city of Valparaiso, is brimming with arts and culture. Famous for the unusual graffiti that covers the houses and stairs that lead up into the hills overlooking the bay. It is either a thing of beauty or will have you running back to your white towel luxury villa, getting lost in the midst of it stark contrasts captured my heart. Don't forget to seek out a ride up one of the hills on the historic asensors "old school elevators", and grab bite to eat at one of its coffee shops while taking in the chaoticness of this busy port.

The Wine Routes of Rapel and Elqui Valley

Chileans are very proud of their wine and so they should be. The Valle de Elqui and the Rapel Valley are the best places to visit that are home to some of the oldest and best wineries. You can quite easily take a tour of the vineyards, as is customary tasting is part of the tour. There is also another drink in Chile that everyone goes mad about local produced Pisco, either mixed with coke and ice or more famously with fresh lemon juice and ice. It will leave your lips chapping and you wont forget its wonderful flavours.

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