Coihuin Bay retreating sea exposed sand banks

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Sea retreats at Coihuin Bay

The town of Puerto Montt is not the most appealing, if not the last industrial hub of the South of Chile. However only a 4km from the city awaits the Bay of Coihuin. During low tide the sand bards are exposed and a whole new world comes to life, that that was hidden under the ocean. With 3km of sand bar to explore you are sure to stumble on a mystery of the deep. Unveiling a paradise of shellfish and birds, the sunsets here are unforgettable.

There are a small number of fisherman that leave their boats on the sand banks. And the ripples left in the sand leave you with the sense that you are on the tip of something spectacular. Coihuin has a wealth of wildlife and ecosystems to explore along the coast.

Coihuin could probably be considered the first natural wonder you will experience along the Route Austral. The Route Austral starts as you leave Puerto Montt, twisting and winding its away around the hills and bays as you head to Caleta La Arena. Where you can catch a ferry and keep going South on the Route Austral. Alternatively once you get off the ferry you can head north with will take you around the fjord and past Cochamo back to Puerto Varas.

If you make it passed Caleta La Arena, before you jump on the ferry grab some take away fish for the road. Delicious and freshly caught by the local fisherman.


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