Hot spring in Ralún

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  • Couple in the Hot spring

    Couple in the Hot spring

  • Crystal clear water in the river

    Crystal clear water in the river

  • River next to hot spring

    River next to hot spring

  • River in Ralún

    River in Ralún

  • Hot spring in Ralún

    Hot spring in Ralún

A great trip for the day from our Cabins in Puerto Varas. Head off to natural hot springs in Ralún. There is a mnimarket where you park the car, and you have to find the path to get down to the river. Once at the river you need to track down who ever is rowing the boat that day, we had an elderly man, amazing how he can still manage to row that boat. None the less once we managed to get his attention from across the river he picked us up on the bank and got us across safely enough. Its courtesy to tip the boat man here.

The roads are paved to the hot springs of Ralún making them very accessible only 1 hour by car, making Bordemundo the perfect location to rent your cabin. Make your Reservation today and enjoy the day trip to the hot springs of Ralún.

Once you are across the river you have a 5 min short walk down the river along a path to the actual hot springs themselves. There are no changing rooms here this is 100% natural, if you are the first person here for the day you may need to move a bit of sand around to stop the river entering the pools. The water is a mix of cold and hot depending how well the pools have been isolated from the cold blue river. The setting is beautiful and takes one back in time, the other great thing is not many people know about it so there won't be crowds! More information on their facebook page.


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Cuanto me saldría una cabaña por día para dos personas

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