Puerto Varas Puts carbon neutrality in sight.

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Puerto Varas has been named the first city in all of Chile to aspire to a carbon neutral footprint. The region is known for its lakes and volcanoes, Puerto Varas is now also preferred before Pucon for local Chilean tourists. The idea of ​​the city is that it should reduce the consumption of water and energy and transform most of its lighting to LED. The goal is to measure carbon footprint levels and compensate for those through the media mentioned.

Bordemundo is currently the only certified green lodge in Puerto Varas by trip advisor. We already make sure that our footprint is more than compensated! We have already converted to LED bulbs almost all the lighting, televisions, refrigerators, washing machine 'A'. We have planted numerous native trees in our plot. The Carbon Footprint is a wonderful news for the region of lakes and its natural wonders, so we can guarantee the natural landscapes that are the ideal place to enjoy trekking, kayaking, fishing, climbing and skiing. Southern Chile is just below the hole of the ozone layer, it really is necessary for a booming tourist destination like Puerto Varas to play its part in helping our climate.

Here at Bordemundo we take things a little further, supporting organic and local producers in the purchase of their products, even producing our own. Recycling is also a high priority for us, little is thought of the trash that is thrown in the bin when you are on vacation. Now we have also grown our number of birds to 22 hens, we produce more eggs than even we and our customers consume. Our organic eggs are also increasingly in the hands of the local community now, it's great that with that money our chickens can buy their own food.
Eager for what the initiative can bring to Puerto Varas and the local tourist community. There are a number of Zero Carbon Footprint programs in tourism currently underway around the world, Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean, Tahiti. Now we can add Puerto Varas to that list, hopefully one day we can add Chile to the list of countries that aspire to become a Carbon Footprint as Costa Rica.

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