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  • Sheep after shearing

    Sheep after shearing

  • Sheep getting sheared

    Sheep getting sheared

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  • Woven blanket

    Woven blanket

Traditional weaving is an art that is being lost little by little. It is an immense amount of work that requires concentration, dedication and endurance to carry on when all your fingers want to do is stop.

We want to promote and encourage this tradition, so it is not lost to history. All our wool is spun and weaved by the careful hands of Lela and Javiera. An artisan who produces some of the most beautiful hand woven works. With her care she works the sheep's fleeces one by one, of our beloved sheep “Pepes" that we raise on our land. We are trying to foster the development of the local community and fair trade. It is an ecological and sustainable practice, as she does not use a washing machine no electricity is used.

The whole process starts with us shearing our sheep then their wool needs to be separated. As not all of the fleece can be used, as the wool has excrement in some parts. The usable part of the fleece is then washed with soap and water and then dried in the sun. Next the fleece is spun Lela twists the fibers of the wool together by hand, using a spindle.

The result is a ball of wool, that is then woven into a blanket. Each of our cabins has a marvelous blanket at the foot of the bed, tapestries and cushions that line our couches.

It is quite amazing to see the whole process and know that that blanket or tapestry came from the sheep we feed every day. Lela's beautiful work is proudly on show here at Bordemundo.

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