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Have you ever taken the time to compare hotels to bed and breakfasts? You get a lot of the extras charged for by hotels for free at a B&B inns. Lets look at what  you get here at Bordemundo verses comparable hotel in Puerto Varas.

Hotels typically charge for amenities such as breakfast, wifi, parking and concierge where as we do not charge for this. We even offer flexible check-in and check-out times. You even don't need to spend extra for a private bathroom. Gluten free, vegan or simply a selective eater? Not a problem Javiera will make sure breakfast meets your dietary needs! Forget your continental breakfast at Bordemundo, you get a homemade breakfast.

Javiera delivering breakfast

Simply put B&B's can cost less than a comparable hotel and offer much more value in terms of average cost per night.

It is a great way to experience a destination like a local. Hosts frequently live on-site and you know they will happily tip you off to the best restaurants and things to do. Something you're not as likely to glean from a formal conversation with a hotel concierge.

Here at Bordemundo we have a number of extra amenities that no hotel in town has to offer. With private access to the lake and a beach that is not crowded by locals, you are guaranteed to unwind.

Private Beach

With 4 hectares of land you are sure not to be squashed in like sardines. We have numerious animals on the land as well and our green projects on the go that we will gladly show you around all organic and eco friendly.

You will be hard pressed to find a stay like our any where in Chile, and its why we have been rated the number one B&B in Chile by Tripadvisor for 2017.

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