Activities in Puerto Varas

Here are some of the activities in Puerto Varas you can enjoy, short day trips in and around the Los Lagos area.

Fly fishing

Ralún, Puelo and Petrohué are world famous for their Rainbow trout and Chinook Salmon.


Discover the fauna and flora in the los lagos region. WhatsApp +56976148105

Cheese and Manjar farm

Visit a cheese and manjar farm just down the road from us, feed the calves and take some of their products home.

Visit the whales in Chiloé

Go whale watching in Chiloé for the months of January to March. These massive animals calve in the bays around Chiloé and you can get a charter to see them near Ancund.

Penguin colony at Chiloé

Incredible boat trip to see Magellan and Humboldt penguins

Ski Osorno

Have you ever snowboarded on a volcano before? In the winter months volcano Osorno has a wonderful ski center.

Rafting on the Petrohué River

The Petrohué River offers some excellent rafting and kayaking.

Kotaix bikepark

World class bike park with in the Vicente Perez Rosales National Park immersed in a native forest. For both the professional and novice riders.

Aremko Spa

Looking to relax or spend a romantic evening alone in the forest, under the sound of a running river, soaking in a hot tub? Look no further, Aremko is an unforgettable evening. WhatsApp +56957902525


Rock Climbing in Puerto Varas perfect for those rainy days.


With Cruce Andino you can take an impressive boat crossing the Andes to Argentina.

National Monuments

A walk around the center of Puerto Varas and discover the eight historical buildings declared cultural heritage, such as Sagrado Corazon church.

Trekking in Petrohué

"Paso Desolacion" or "Desolation Path" referring to the minimal vegetation a 12km hike. Make sure to sign in and out at the CONAF (Chilean Park Authority) office.

Tour around the lake of Llanquihu

Tour around the lake of Llanquihue, stop off at Frutillar, Port Octay and try to find hidden Puerto Fonk.

Cruise lake Llanquihue

There are a few boat companies that tour the lake, take in a panoramic view of Puerto Varas and surroundings. Available all year.

Museum Pablo Fierro

Stop off at the quirky Museum Pablo Fierro. What started off as painting the old houses of German colonization in the area unintentionally has turned into an odd sample of historic artifacts from the area.

Do let us know if you need help booking anything or want some further information on things to do in Puerto Varas. There is simply too much to do around the city to put in here.