Aysen Profundo journey through Patagonia

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Aysen Profundo

The spit roasted lamb that is prepared in many parts of the Aysen region in Chilean Patagonia, the preparation of dried mussels along the coast and the work with the clay from the earth of the region are some of the activities that depict the different lifestyles of Aysen.

Aysénprofundo is a journey that takes us into the Patagonian reality, introducing us to people who still struggle to live as the land has taught them. With aysénprofundo we will enter the most hidden corners of a region that refuses to be dominated and which in turn has molded the identity of its inhabitants. A tribute to those who make us proud because they are the reason why “the Patagonian” is synonymous with struggle, affection and humility.

Ver el projecto aysénprofundo.

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