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A small micro brewery in Puerto Varas starting to take the town by storm, the quaint town of Puerto Varas has its first local beer brewer Chest Beer. You can find it in all the local restaurants Bravo Cabrera, Gringa Café, Shoper and La Jardinera my fave grub spots in town. The best thing about Chester Beer has to be its fresh, being a micro brewery they don't do large scale yet. The beer get's its name from a Gringo that by some miraculous chance end up in Puerto Varas.

Take a craft brew tour, out of a recycled shipping container brewery. Enjoy some generous tasting and get to know the beer brewing team! Book a tour located on a small farm just out side the town of Puerto Varas. It's a great day trip currently 5,500 CLP per person. Or hit them up on facebook https://www.facebook.com/chesterbeer.cl/.

For me the American stout goes down swell, the delicious black artisanal beer is super fresh hey and its local. Keep an eye out for it when out and about Puerto Varas. 

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