Puma rehabilitation center puerto varas

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  • Fox at Romahue

    Fox at Romahue

  • Wild cat (huiña) at Romahue

    Wild cat (huiña) at Romahue

  • Pudu at Romahue

    Pudu at Romahue

  • Parrots at Romahue

    Parrots at Romahue

Ever seen a puma? At Romahue a rehabilitation center for wildlife you can get up close to some of these mysterious cats. With the ever decreasing forests in the Los Lagos region, there is less and less natural habitat for these animals. Having grown up in South Africa where we have many animal reserves, this project stand out for me. Romahue stands for the conservation, love of the river, the forest, its flora and fauna.

Not to be missed! A unique experience.

Romahue is only 20 minutes from Puerto Varas, it is definitely worth your time. If you go alone, with a partner or family it will be a great experience for everyone. Great trails for walking in the native forests filled with many Chilean native animal species, big chances of running into the elusive Chucaos. They also serve a great meal at the Quincho (you must make a reservation) and get up close with all sorts of animals in this rehabilitation shelter. Where you can visit the pumas, foxes, parrots, wild cats and more.

Contact: +56 9 94479986

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