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  • View from the dock on the beach

    View from the dock on the beach

  • Feeding the sheep

    Feeding the sheep

  • Early morning on a farm

    Early morning on a farm

Puerto Varas and its majestic Volcanos are a stark contrast to Santiago. Ideal for a getaway weekend, take a break from the hectic city and relax at our eco bed and breakfast. We have everything you would need for a relaxing getaway, enjoy a glass of wine and settle back around the fire stove at night. 

Are you looking for that hidden gem, to take some time away from it all

At the foot step of Patagonia, the little sleepy town of Puerto Varas is the prefect place to unwind. With the lush country side on the shore of lake Llanquihue over looked by the resident volcanos.  It's a beautiful area for exploring the outdoors and spending your weekend surrounded by nature.

Located just out side the town of Puerto Varas, Bordemundo's rustic charm highlights the charm of Patagonia. There is a sandy beach at the edge of the property with some what of a fresh water reef, a beautiful sight on the walk down to the lake. With quite a few birds on the property peafowl, guinea fowl, chickens, ducks and more. Also means fresh eggs are in store for all guests, or if you want to try your hand at stroking a chicken give us a shout. For those looking to sleep in and do absolutely nothing Javeria is even willing to cook you a Chilean style dinner or head out into the local town there are some mouth watering restaurants.

For those who need to get out there are more activities than you will ever be able to get through on your trip. Mountain biking, skiing, climbing, zip lining, boating, you name it Puerto Varas has it.

Escape to Bordemundo that is home to these wild and sparsely inhabited lands full of pristine crystalline lakes, lush temperate rain forests, majestic snow-capped mountain peaks, awe-inspiring glacial fjords and an abundance of intriguing wildlife. All at the door step of your cabin.

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