Ski in Puerto Varas Insiders' guide

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  • Sun breaking through the fresh snow on Osorno

    Sun breaking through the fresh snow on Osorno

  • Road to ski center

    Road to ski center

  • Ski  lifts going up the volcano

    Ski lifts going up the volcano

  • Fresh snow ski center Osorno

    Fresh snow ski center Osorno

  • Empty ski lift chair

    Empty ski lift chair

If you hear the name Volcán Osorno and it draws a blank, you're probably among the many skiers who drive straight pass the exit signs en route to other resorts in the South Of Chile, you're missing a trick. Osorno only has smaller crowds and cheaper accommodation and lift passes than its neighbours, but also some rather good skiing, too.

Bed and Breakfast Bordemundo, is but a stones throw from the volcano and close enough to the center of Puerto Varas to pick up any equipment you may want.

Osorno is just a Volcano with the ski center located at 1495m. No lavish hotels no big gondolas – just fantastic terrain and no one in sight. You never wait in lift lines! It's like having your own private mountain. Paradise! With great pitches from the over the top crazy steep to the not too flat – no having to shove your board along. After each run you get to the bottom and then jump back on the lift. The braver you get the high you go up the volcano.

Day passes runs at $26.000 and half day passes at $20.000. With the season just starting and the amount of snow falling on the volcano this year, we are definitely in for a bumper season. Keep your eye on the snow-forecast.

The land of volcanoes had us hooked. The thing about volcanoes is they're round and if you have them to yourself with untracked snow you could still be skiing after three months making fresh track. Everything about the volcan is unique, the stones, the sand, the contrast of colors and shapes. Not to mention the view... your chance to ski Volcano Osorno should not be missed!

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